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Vinyl flooring is the fastest growing product in the flooring industry. Modern vinyl features beautiful colors, crisp details, and even surface textures for the most realistic look possible. Vinyl also offers superior water resistance, making it an excellent choice for wet environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Combined with its durability and easy maintenance, it’s not difficult to see why more and more buyers are choosing vinyl.
Family friendly

Family friendly

Vinyl flooring is durable enough to withstand heavy traffic. It's perfect for families, especially those with pets. Some varieties of vinyl are entirely waterproof.


Often, you cannot visually tell the difference between vinyl and genuine hardwood! Flooring technology is rapidly growing, and as a result, so is visual quality.
High value

High value

Buyers who select vinyl tend to save money in the long run, due to its durability and long lifespan.
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Types of vinyl

We offer a variety of vinyl products, each with their own features and benefits. Below, you can learn about the types of vinyl, and explore our various collections.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl (LVT/LVP) flooring is the fastest growing category in the flooring market. It offers extremely realistic visuals that are often indistinguishable from real organic materials like hardwood, making it an excellent budget-friendly option.

Waterproof vinyl

Waterproof Vinyl (WPC) is a variety of vinyl whose core is comprised of wood plastic composite made from a combination recycled wood pulp and plastic. This type of core is thicker compared to Rigid Waterproof Vinyl (SPC) vinyl, offering more cushion and soundproofing.

Rigid waterproof vinyl

Rigid Waterproof Vinyl (SPC) is a variety of vinyl whose dense core is comprised of stone plastic composite made from a combination of limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers. This type of core is denser and more durable compared to Waterproof Vinyl (WPC).